About Me

I am a software engineer, predominantly a JavaScript developer. I am currently working for Facebook in Menlo Park, California. I also contribute to open source projects on GitHub. I enjoy Web development, Node.js, UX design, travelling, meeting new people and mid-afternoon beers on a sunny Saturday.

I live in Palo Alto, in the Bay area of northern California with my lovely wife. Prior to working at Facebook, I lived in Chiangmai in the north of Thailand where I met some amazing travellers and internet entrepreneurs. Before that I lived in Brisbane, Australia which is one of my favorite cities around.

I do all my work from a 13" MacBook and spend most of my time in Chrome dev tools, Terminal or coding in Webstorm. Git is my source control tool of choice and I use Node where I can. Follow me on Twitter to catch my various ramblings or hear about cool new things as I stumble across them.